Oshkosh Plating Technologies, Inc. uses both rack and barrel electroplating processes. This allows us to coat everything from the smallest of parts to parts 110” long, 30” wide, or 60” deep, weighing up to 250 pounds. We also offer a baking process after the zinc is plated which reduces hydrogen embrittlement in high strength steel.


Oshkosh Plating has gone through the approval process with many large defense, agriculture, industrial companies. We have also earned our ISO 9001:2015 certification. These certifications prove that we’re able to provide you with a consistent finish on every part, every time.

ISO 9001:2015

Customer Terms and Conditions

  • 2.5% environmental fee applies to each invoice starting May 1, 2016.
  • Shipping is available upon request.
  • Additional fees may apply to each Purchase Order.
  • Parts are coated with trivalent conversion coating over zinc.
  • Parts requiring specialized handling, packaging, processing, or tooling may have additional fees.
  • Lead time for orders are controlled by processing, specifications, and other requirements. Lead time determined at the time the order is received.
  • Expedites are available upon request for an additional fee.
  • Our liability for any cause is limited to the cost of direct labor and material of product loss directly damaged by our processing or two times our processing charges on such material, whichever is the lesser.
  • We are not responsible for freight charges, line down charges or any other fees unless there is a signed contract with Oshkosh Plating outlining those terms.
  • Our charges are based on this policy limiting liability.
  • No claim for shortage in weight or count will be allowed unless made in writing and presented or mailed within ten (10) working days after receipt of material by the customer to whom it was delivered, provided however, a shrinkage of quantity in processing of five (5) percent shall be allowed without charge or liability.
  • Buyer will have ten (10) days after delivery of the products to inspect the products and to provide written notice to Oshkosh Plating of any defects. If Buyer does not notify Oshkosh Plating during this period, the products shall be deemed accepted by Buyer and it is expressly agreed that Buyer shall have waived all claims based on any defects that were or would have been discovered upon inspection during this period. Such acceptance shall be deemed to have been made with knowledge of any defects that such an inspection would have revealed.
  • Invoices unpaid on due date shall be considered delinquent and thereafter be subject to a Finance Charge computed by a single monthly periodic rate of 1.5% being an Annual Percentage Rate of 18%.


Zine Electroplating Process


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